You make Skyline what it is through your love, energy and talents. It may be that fifty years ago you beat a trail in the woods and built a cabin here or that two years ago you gave a summer of love and hard work to the campers. Maybe you are a parent that just can’t get enough camp for your child and want to be in these woods as much as possible.

Perhaps you have donated to the campership fund for a few years, or maybe a few decades. You may have spent every Memorial Day weekend here with your family back when you were a kid, or maybe you did your Eagle Scout Project here as a gift to Skyline’s campers.

You may keep the whole of Skyline in your heart and prayers every day. However and whenever you gave, you have made and are still making Skyline the gift that it is to all who are lucky enough to be part of it. So we’ve decided to give you a name, Team Skyline.

We have a beautiful community here at camp, but of course we are never all here at once. Many of us carry Skyline with us wherever we go, but sometimes we just need to get back to camp to breathe it in. We love our community events when volunteers come out and share the warm Skyline welcome with our guests, but we want to strengthen Skyline’s community and welcome you here more often. 

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