Skyline is grateful when you think of us and donate items or services.  

Sometimes we are actively seeking something particular, but there are generally some big, small and in-between gifts that we will be most happy to receive!

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There are many items that we would be happy to accept used, as well! Check out our wish lists below:


Power tools in working order

Hand tools, yard tools in good condition

Outdoor/pool furniture

Picnic tables

Functioning large appliances: washers/dryers

Smiles, hugs, visits

Paddleboats, canoes, kayaks, lifejackets

Chests filled with gold coins

Sporting equipment in good repair

Camping/cookout equipment in good repair

Working Box fans


(bonus cookies for this list)

Snow-plow capable 4WD Pickup

Any vehicle

Appliances in good repair

Stump Grinder

**Skyline is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and donations are tax-deductible**

If it's not on the list, please contact us... THANKS!!