The key to Skyline's program success
is our staff.

A summer job at Skyline is a mix of:

hard work


Two Qualifications:

  1. Kind

  2. Smart


It is rewarding and enriching, and truly a life-changing experience.

To get what it gives,
You have to have what it takes.


Invest your kindness and intelligence in an enriching summer experience that will bring out your best and fill you to overflowing with friendships, laughter and song.

Camp Skyline’s counselors work on a small team (thirty-ish) in a broad nature-rich camp program, with day, overnight and trip camps.

Our campers range in age from 5 to 75, and include both neurotypical and special needs campers.

What do Skyline counselors have to say about working at camp?

“Camp is where I learned how to be a leader. It is the place where I am most comfortable being me.” -K.E. 2014-18

“Skyline is a place which encompasses community, happiness, camaraderie and a deep reverence for nature. In this place, you are accepted and loved for who you are regardless of gender, race, creed or otherwise.” -D.M. 2018

“ [It was] the most rewarding and fulfilling summer I’ve ever had! Camp’s an amazing opportunity that shouldn’t be missed and I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone.” -K.A. 2018-19

For the following positions, please fill out the application.

Counselor (ages 18+)
Maker and Grower (age 20+)
Junior Counselor (Ages 16-18)

You will need three references. Details can be given in the application form.

For additional information, please download the
“Skyline Summer Staff Overview”

To learn more about what a summer at Skyline looks like, check out our videos!

A music video of our 2018 camp song, created by 2018 Program Leader, Katie Ely.

A quick overview of Skyline's 2019 Summer Calendar.