The key to Skyline's program success
is our staff.

A summer job at Skyline is a mix of:

hard work


Two Qualifications:

  1. Kind

  2. Smart


It is rewarding and enriching, and truly a life-changing experience.

To get what it gives,
You have to have what it takes.


What do Skyline counselors have to say about working at camp?

“Camp is where I learned how to be a leader. It is the place where I am most comfortable being me.” -K.E. 2014-18

“Skyline is a place which encompasses community, happiness, camaraderie and a deep reverence for nature. In this place, you are accepted and loved for who you are regardless of gender, race, creed or otherwise.” -D.M. 2018

“ [It was] the most rewarding and fulfilling summer I’ve ever had! Camp’s an amazing opportunity that shouldn’t be missed and I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone.” -K.A. 2018-19

For the following positions, please fill out the application.

Counselor (ages 18+)
Maker and Grower (age 20+)
Junior Counselor (Ages 16-18)

You will need three references. Details can be given in the application form.

To learn more about what a summer at Skyline looks like, check out our videos!

A music video of our 2018 camp song, created by 2018 Program Leader, Katie Ely.

A quick overview of Skyline's 2019 Summer Calendar.